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1 a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder [syn: bolt, bolt of lightning]
2 a shocking surprise; "news of the attack came like a bombshell" [syn: bombshell, thunderclap]

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  1. A flash of lightning accompanied by a crash of thunder.
  2. Metaphorically, an event that is terrible, horrific or unexpected.


A flash of lightning accompanied by a crash of thunder
  • Finnish: salama
  • Persian: (âzaraxš), (sâeqe)
an event that is terrible, horrific or unexpected

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A thunderbolt is a traditional expression for a discharge of lightning or a symbolic representation thereof. In its original usage the word may also have been a description of meteors, although this is not currently the case. As a divine manifestation it has been a powerful symbol throughout history, and has appeared in many mythologies. Drawing from this powerful association, the thunderbolt is often found in military symbolism and semiotic representations of electricity.
Lightning plays a role in many mythologies, often as the weapon of a sky and storm god. As such, it is an unsurpassed method of dramatic instantaneous retributive destruction: thunderbolts as divine weapons can be found in most mythologies. The most familiar thunderbolt weapon in the West was that of Zeus or Jupiter. His thunderbolts, manufactured by the cyclopic children of Gaia, were used to strike down impious criminals and divine opponents.
The thunderbolt continues into the modern world as a prominent symbol; it has entered modern heraldry and military iconography, typically depicted as winged and emitting flames.
In medieval Europe, fossil belemnites were said to be petrified thunderbolts.

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Jupiter Fulgur, Thor, antelope, arrow, astonishment, ball lightning, blockbuster, blow, blue darter, blue streak, bolt, bolt of lightning, bomb, bombshell, cannonball, catch, chain lightning, courser, dark lightning, dart, eagle, earthshaker, electricity, express train, eye-opener, fireball, firebolt, flash, flying flame, forked lightning, fulguration, fulmination, gazelle, greased lightning, greyhound, hare, jet plane, joker, kicker, levin bolt, light, lightning, mercury, oak-cleaving thunderbolts, peripeteia, quicksilver, revelation, rocket, scared rabbit, sheet lightning, shocker, shot, staggerer, startler, streak, streak of lightning, striped snake, stroke of lightning, surprisal, surprise, surprise ending, surprise package, surprise party, swallow, switch, thought, thunderball, thunderclap, thunderstroke, torrent, wind
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